Exam Ticket


Pencils and Eraser


This is all we need right? Let me know if I forgot anything. Good luck.

Watch, ear plugs if you care, spare battery, something to eat during break.

Pencil sharpener unless you are like me and bring ten sharpened pencils!

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this may be a stupid question, but mechanical #2 pencils are fine to use, yes?

Earplugs are a must if you are taking a big room. From other posts on this forum mechanical pencils are fine

Yup, just called them and confirmed mechanical is fine.

Does it have to be 2B ?

I meant HB ? They said we require HB number 2, but I have number 2 not HB

Either is allowed

HB works fine, the packaging to the led on HB pencils now says “guaranteed to scan” with a pic of a scantron.