Checks after finishing

Like a lot of people, I finish the afternoon mock quite early (with 30-60 minutes to spare). I know there are valuable points to be picked up after finishing, as I always make a few silly mistakes, but I’m not sure of the best way. Has anyone got a good techniques?

Obviously I make sure I’ve answered all questions and then go back to questions I couldn’t answer or really struggled with to give them another go. I have a few ideas (below) but I haven’t tried them out yet.

Check the key word for each questions and whether I answered them. I often find I looked for the least likely when they wanted most likely (etc.) in at least 1 question.

Redo all the calculation questions to make sure I haven’t missed an input or made a calc error

Concentrate on the later item sets to make sure tired mistakes weren’t made.

very often you might find yourself changing an answer.

in my case - more often that not - the first choice, even if it was a guess - from my practice exam experience turned out to be the right one. So a suggestion - if you are now thinking an answer must be changed - due to your new insight / thinking - go back to identify why you marked the first answer - and determine if your current thinking is the “more correct” one.

Just after posting this I did a practice exam, finished early, went back and changed one answer. Turns out that answer was right and I changed it to a wrong answer. Hence, good advice CPK!

I usually only go over the ones I marked as uncertain.

I enjoy finishing and leaving early while everyone looked at me thinking “how the fxxk is this guy finished in less than 2 hours?”

Nice. I was the first person out of the room in the PM session last year (all three levels take it in the same ballroom). Walked outta there like a boss. Planning on doing the same tomorrow. Sure you will too.

i answer only the question that i know for sure.

if i cme across a question that i am uncertain about, i mark my best guess on the page margin, go to the front of the book, write the question number down, and move on.

after my first go through, i go back and start working through those problems