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Words… words cannot describe…

Lose the veggies and I’m in.

Why the hell are all the overseas contries getting all the good stuff!?!?! I always knew the US was descending, but I never imagined the fall would be like this TT

I think this is what the letters OMFG were made for.

I had a DEEP FRIED HAM SANDWICH in Seoul last week. ^ ^

But man this pizza is just freakin’ unreal…making me hungry actually. Pizza Hut doesn’t have that sort of thing here.

Hmm. I think this particular pizza might only be offered overseas due to economic and market positioning reasons. Given the extra ingredients, this pizza is probably expensive to produce relative to other fast foods. In the US, Pizza Hut is a cheap food (fast food), so in general, consumers would be unwilling to pay the high price of this pizza. In some Middle Eastern country, is probably ranked higher on the restaurant class scale. So, a more expensive pizza is more commercially viable.

^ That’s a good analysis. In China it’s cool and luxurious to goto McDonalds. In Korea Pizza Hut is a nice restaurant where the staff wears ties. Probably US wouldn’t pay for a $60 pizza…or whatever that atrocity costs!

Speaking of atrocities the other one I saw in Seoul was a FRENCH FRY ENCRUSTED CORN DOG. Thru modern food-engineering techniques the street vendor had managed to take an extra large weener, and somehow imbed mega-huge French fries in the corn-material outer wall…deep fry the whole mess. Yeah.

Eh. I always had the stereotypical image of Koreans eating barbequed meat and veggies. It seems that they might be a leader in food engineering…

Yeah KR has maybe the healthiest food in the world…which makes it so weird when you see a french fry-encrusted corn dog or deep-fried sandwich.

This is evidence of WMDs in the middle east.