Chew the Snake

So the dude was working,the snake bites him.He kind of bites back and eats the entire snake except its head (unholy ?)

The bizarre incident took place in the weekend at Harmu village in Lohardaga district of Jharkhand state, some 300km south of Patna. The state which was carved out of Bihar in the year 2000 is surrounded by forests and hills.

Media reports said Surendra Oraon, 30, was working in the field at his village when a venomous snake emerged from a hole and bit him on Friday.

Instead of getting panicked, the victim, however, pounced on the snake, picked it up and chewed it alive except its head.

Reports said when his condition deteriorated, he rushed back home and told his family about the entire incident. It was then that he was admitted to a local government hospital for medical attention. After staying for a night at the hospital, he was discharged on Saturday by the doctors who found him in perfect health.


Man eats live snake? This is starting to become …

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