Chicago Afterpartay!

this topic is for people taking L1 in Chicago. do you wanna hit rush and division when the massacre is over?

Passed in June, but I will be up there next Sat. to see how a few people did/booze it up after. Shoot me an email if you have a group, or are setting one up, going for drinks afterward…you’ll be surprised how bad your head will hurt after 6 hours of testing fun. I think CFA Chicago society may be having a short get together after, not sure, but they did in June.

^Same… let me know if you get a group together… I will def. need multiple drinks after this thing

sweetness will do. i’m based out of bloomington, IN, so don’t know if the CFA Chicago society will let me in their bash :wink: might tag along with my buddy to his ernst & young xmas bash alternatively.

Niraj_a I am in Evansville, IN… I guess thats a bit farther… do you go to IU?

chadtap, my college roomie was from there - his name is shawn zeng. undergrad from Kelley in Bloomington in 2006, worked for Stifel Nicolaus in Indy for a year, now in a financial control position with IU. i’m seriously thinking about organizing a group now that i have you and malnoll interested.

I’m from Indy, and may have a flask on me all day to keep warm…feels good not to have to take a test next Saturday, but the flashbacks still haunt.

HAHAHAH lucky bugger you are

malnoll, since you are experienced i need your opinion - i am using the schweser q-bank right now and have solved book 6. is it worth spending the extra $$ for the CFAIL sample exams? my weak areas are econ and fixed income mainly.

Guys I’m from indy too and graduated from kelley IUPUI. I know malnoll personally and his tips have been helpful to me. i’ll be taking it in chicago. Maybe we can all meet up after that. niraj-a If you can then take at least one sample exam, my opinion is that it’s still going to help you. Most people that wrote L1 said that the sample exams are closer to the real thing than the q-bank is.

yeah lets meet up, that sounds good. in that case i’ll probably invest in solving the CFAI exam 3 or 5 since people on this forum say those are the hardest of the 5 exams available.

comon guys! let’s not fall behind NYC or London. Chicago rocks.

Take at least one test, if not more. It helps to see how CFAI “words” them and sets them up. Put your email up here if you want to figure something out for after test. I’ll check around mid week and send an email to figure things out. Good Luck

malnoll, that works well. my addy is which CFAI exam do you recommend i take if i want to spend on just 1? the harder exams 3/5, or the easier rest?

I’d take test 3, if they are the same as June, which they appear to be, at least in difficulty. They are good to show you how the questions are approached, and that they are not as quantative as you may think. Don’t worry about your score, I never got over 65% and passed the actual, and felt good while taking the actual.

will do sir. i’ll take exam 3 tomorrow after reviewing the quicksheet for a bit. lets see how i do. will post here.

Today I went “hunting”, see where the place is, how do I get there (commng from the north, off the Lake Shore at 31st, ahead to King, right on King, first building on your left hand across the street from Hyatt) . Sweaty palms, shaky knees, terrible pulse, SCARY. 1 more week.

malnoll, bad news - i thought i was nearly done prepping, but i took CFAI sample 3 now and got 58%. it was mainly small mistakes and changing answers after marking the right ones. mighty depressed now, dont know what to do. is it worth spending $50 more to take one of the easier ones i.e. CFAI exam 1,2, or 4?

Why is exam #3 harder than the rest? Is it supposed to be? Seems that everyone scores lower on #3 than the other ones…

I actually got my worst mark in the Test 3 Morning session, and best mark on the Afternoon Session… overall average mark. I think it was damn tough. P.s. If anyone is willing to fund my ticket from London to Chicago for this legendary party, I’d be more than happy :slight_smile: