Chicago level 2 study group

Hi Anyone interested in meeting once or twice every week after work. Although late but we still have 3 months.

I’d be up for it. Not sure about after work, because I’m in Oak Brook, but I’m sure something could work out… Maybe on a less frequent basis.

We have a group that meets at the DePaul library in LP. Will be ramping up activity on Sunday group meetings sharpish!

ZIM!!! What up Dude?

Wud up bruv? We miss you around these parts…how’s things for you and level 3 prep (lucky wanker)? I might have to wear that lucky watch this year…I’m gonna need all the help I can get. I’ll channel MGG power through it.

DePaul Lib??!?!? too perfect. I love hanging like I’m in college again playing frisbee in the quad! Can one of you guys email me about it, I usually study there sat and sun. Thanks

Nice man, Things are OK, Missing Chicago like crazy but the job is going really well. I just switched my test center back to chicago so Ill be taking it out there so we can all party up after. How is studying comming?

I started out my studying at the De Paul library but was constantly distracted by the hot girls. I now study at the office. It would be nice to meet some other locals going through this same miserable experience, however I know from my college experience that group study sessions are far less effective in my opinion.

MGG - Sweet, will be good to see you in June. Def throw a few (hundred) back after our fun time at McCormick. Popov, Zombie - Feel free to e-mail me or give me a call about meeting up. I’ll be in the library tomorrow probably all day. We currently have plans to get our group meetings going on Sundays around noon to review questions and discuss. I’m usually on 3rd/4th floors studying…plans to meet as a group would be in the group study rooms.