Chicago Level 3 Loop Study Group

Any L3 candidates out there who are in the loop and would like to form a breakfast/lunch study group for the 2008 L3 exam? I’d like to begin meeting in 2007 occasionally, then ramp up to full effort in 08

Hey there - I’m L3 in Chicago as well. A breakfast group might be tough since I get into the office around 7:45am every morning, but lunch or evenings might work. I like in Lakeview and would be interested in a Sunday study group too.

I’m taking level III this June and work in the city, I haven’t made the move to the city yet. But I would be interested in exchanging insights and study tips and maybe meeting up once in awhile. Thanks.

guys, i am a L3 candidate living in the west loop. so let me know when the study groups kick off. i would prefer mid-jan?

How do you feel about lunch on Wednesday, January 23rd, in the Loop? We can touch base, talk about what materials we’re using, exchange info, set up a loose schedule. If you’re interested, email me at kimberly . appapillai at gmail . com and I’ll coordinate the group.

The L3 Chicago group is going to meet for lunch on Jan 23rd. If anyone is interested that hasn’t emailed me yet, pls do so or leave a response on the message board ASAP.