Chicago Site - FYI

For those of you taking in Chicago and don’t know what to expect…I just visited the exam site (Hall F2). It is one massive room with 2100 chairs. There are rows and rows and rows of small tables (2 people per table) with spacing between tables. It was pretty easy to find. The doors to get into F2 are like huge aircraft hanger doors. I asked the security guard if those are how you get in (tomorrow) and he thought yes. So, if it is true they “close” the doors around 9am - not sure these actually close. I guess they will rope off the entrance. That A1 parking garage is literally right around the corner. Walk out of the exam room a couple hundred yards and there are doors that take you right into the garage. Should be nice and cozy tomorrow. Look forward to seeing all 2100 of you…

thanks for the info… I gotta feeling it will be freezing tomorrow as per today’s forecast