Chicago vs Dallas

I took L2 in Dallas last year - L3 in Chicago this year - my thoughts:

I saw 1 cute chick in Chicago. She was white, had a low cut shirt and was heading through the L1 doors (no figure). The rest were asian FOBs (my last two gfs were asians, I’m cleared to use that term).

Last year (in Dallas) there were at least 15 smokeshows that almost made me unlever my Beta on the spot.

There were not too many hot guys in my test center. I was one of the few.

is your name Jensen then?

San Diego is the place to be then. I was impressed by the quality and the quantity, even at level 3.

Guys OTOH were pathetic, wearing baseball caps to hide their bald spots.

yeah if your bald you need to own it.

Besides with all the safeguards and regulations how can CFAI let anyone wear a hat into the exam. I had a feeling the ones I saw had formula sheets written under the bills.

I can attest to some of the high quality meat in San Diego. I showed one my sharpe ratio!

Dallas had about 12000’asian people there

are we still allowed to say “asian”?

Ladies tell me I have an above average weighted cost of capital.