Chicago - where to look for apartments?

I’m almost done with school, I’ve accepted an offer - now I need to find a place to live. I’m in the Gold Coast area right now with my girlfriend, but she’s moving to the suburbs in June. I’d like to stay in the area, or maybe even Lincoln Park, but wherever I go, I need easy access to the red line. Any suggestions? Not necessarily individual apartments, but where to go to even find apartments. I’m lost.

Craigslist - found 3 of my Chicago apt through that

I used craigslist, which can be good but you have tocut through the riffraff, and I also used a number of apartment finders. As you can imagine they come in all kinds, one even showed up in a cubs tshirt and shorts and asked if we could hurry so she could go drink with her friends by wrigley. I eventually found one through a referral who was extremely professional and helped a lot. If you would like his contact information email me at It saves a lot of time since a lot of craigslist ads embellish or flat out lie and you wnot know until you go visit, which takes time.

There are a few different apartment finding services in Chicago as well. Chicagoapartmentfinders is one and there are a few others as well. The one I went to was on clark just north or Diversey, there is another on Belmont and Clark as well I think. These are pretty good they drive you around to all the different places and they already have all the keys which is a huge plus. Its a free service so I recommend.

JP, I’ll send you an e-mail. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I’ve looked at Craig’s List, but I didn’t know how reliable those posts would be. The place I’m currently excited about is Chestnut Place (State/Chestnut). Any feedback on this place?