Chicken Tikka, is this affecting you?

Based on the picture, they are only cracking down on gay bars.

Hence the question for Chicken Tikka!! :slight_smile:

Did CT bang some Indian official’s wife at a club or something? Also, what’s up with the guy who is second from the right? Not sure if he belongs in a “youth rally”.

I realize a lot of people in India speak English, but why are all the protest signs in English? Are there actually more people who speak English than Hindi?

We are colonized. So yes, a lot of people in India speak English, especially in a place like Mumbai the signs will always be in English. In smaller towns, not so much. The really upperclass in India have English as their native language. The other reason is that every state in India has a different language, so English is a logical neutral “link” language between the literate classes.

^ thanks, that was my suspicion.

Dont know what Chicken Tikka´s thinks, but my experience is that although the so called “upper classes” think that they speak English as a first language the reality is somewhat more nuanced. The English they speak is archaic (thrice is common instead of three times for ex), and often littered with grammatical and pronounciation errors.

Well they don’t speak “American English” or “British English”. Indian English has it’s own idiom, so pronounciation errors are moot only(!). Words like “non-vegetarian” etc. etc. :). There are also Indians who speak grammatically perfect English with absolutely impenetrable accents.

I think Indians are entitled to their own version of the language, just like many others English speaking contries around the world.

Who are we to judge?

Nobody points a finger at the grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation used by people in Jamaica, Australia or Ireland, for instance…

A good friend of mine actually wrote this article. So yes, it is affecting us. I personally welcome it though because I kind of dislike Mumbai night life. The clubs are not much fun and are expensive without much value (either in terms of drinks or women). What this means is that we are having more house parties, which is cheaper, more intimate, and way more fun.

Why the signs in English?

English is the official language in India. Sure so is Hindi. But here’s the thing, nobody speaks Hindi natively outside of a small portion of northern India. In fact pretty much everyone in Southern India refuses to speak Hindi almost out of principle, not even as a second language, because they hate the northerners so much. Therefore, English is neutral and works as a compromise.

As a result English is the language that educated people throughout India use for pretty much everything. This includes Indian parliament where everyone speaks English all the time as a rule.

Also, even when things are written in Hindi they are frequently written with Roman Letters.

Almost nobody in India speaks English correctly aside from people educated overseas and/or the very wealthy.

^ good to know.

Saw this and I thought about Tikka

Although there are probably variations on the accent even within India itself, probably more people speak English with an Indian accent than any other accent in the world.