Child Abuse

So I was on the Metro this morning heading to school and this African American mother and her 3 children stepped in.One of them was really hyper like he downed 5 redbulls in an hour.Anyhow the mother started to hit the kid kind of hard and I couldn’t do anything since I was in the next wagon.I sent a text to the Metro Police and reported the crime and all.What struck me was no one seemed disturbed by the whole thing. I get it that people mind their own business here in the U.S, but the whole thing was out of hand.

Love taps…

if you had any black friends, you would know it is very normal for black moms to whoop their kids from time to time.

^That was like brain damage whoop, not a slap on the kids ass.

Was it Adrian Peterson?

Of course it wasn’t. Despite the abuse, this parent seemed to be active in their child’s life.

You wrote “kind of hard.” Is that really a crime? The other people’s lack of reaction should give you the answer. Sometimes a kid needs a good smack.