China increasing tensions with N Korea

Not to derail all the important discussions about how some guy got moved off a plane, and what people would do in different situations…

And different news groups are reporting anywhere from 30,000-150k chinese troops moving to the north korean border (which the Chinese govt has denied). Interesting situation, best case scenario, foreign powers install puppet govt. and move them away from being a dickish country, eventually reconciling with south korea, worst case scenario, n korea strikes out at s korea or japan with nukes or other countries with whatever other means they have at their disposal, likely case, nothing happens and n korea continues as usual and 99% of their people suffer while the ruling elite go about with no negative consequences.

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Wouldn’t worst case be that the Chinese troops are there to support an invasion of SK by NK? In such a scenario, US and ROTW basically has to sit by and watch SK go bye-bye, or they don’t and we have WWIII.

Sure. I don’t think that china is THAT open to increasing tensions/instability though.

To China and north korea’s president, if youre reading these comments: please consider the path youre taking. remember that when Oppenheimer invented dynamite he wept and said “And now I am become Death, Destroyer of Worlds, somebody help me.”

Yeah, but China also sent back NK’s coal shipments, refusing delivery. I think they’re messaging their intent here.

^ and ^^^ Or maybe that’s what they want the world to believe.

Is the Chinese troop movement a response to the US moving ships into the area?

Ohai, it’s possibly a lie, but if not, it could he a standard thing that’s fine regularly, or if you follow the meme, as a result of the assassination of Kim’s brother. There’s a good chance it’s fake news being pushed to spread a narrative and increase tensions and distrust. There are stories about troop movements on the border on a regular basis, either on the chinese or NK side. It originally cane from a south Korean newspaper that claimed it was to prevent refugees spreading.

i need and unbiased source for this. yo pa whats the deal?

lol. As soon as I read the title, I thought of PA. We need his professional insight.

I don’t know. PA has shifted lately from communist agent to US military hawk and Trump apologist. I guess evolving opinions is a sign of intellect and a mature world view…

  1. US needs NK, in order to justify their military base in Asia. The pretense is “we are defending you from a madman, you SK should pay us”. Madman must persist.
  2. CN needs NK, in order to keep the US off their border. There must be a buffer.
  3. NK plays a stuck-in-the-middle of two superpowers position. They act crazy, and get stuff from both sides.

So understanding that, what does the WH hope to accomplish? Put nukes in SK aimed at CN? CN already said both US/NK should agree to deescalate, but of course the US refuses. CN has been hitting SK with bans for allowing US missiles, but SK can not kick the US out, they tried and the US won’t leave. Always with the US it’s bullying/exploitation.

They are asking for trouble if they are serious about messing around in this, it’s WW3 type stuff, I’m still hedged!

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