China Loves Short Selling

Ironic how China is about to implement short selling, while the West and every other country is banning it. Unreal.

They also like to poison our food. China tainted food scandal expands Friday September 26, 8:51 am ET By Anita Chang, Associated Press Writer China’s tainted food scandal expands to products in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan BEIJING (AP) – The Hong Kong government says it has found traces of melamine in baby cereals and crackers made in China in an expanding scandal over Chinese milk and other food products tainted with the industrial chemical. In China, authorities said Friday that a Taiwanese mother and three young children with kidney stones may have been poisoned by Chinese milk products tainted with melamine, and two Japanese confectioners’ products were also found to be contaminated. Hong Kong’s government said the contaminated baby vegetable formula cereal are made by Heinz. It also says melamine was found in the steamed potato wasabi crackers produced by Silang House. Both were made in China, it said

There was an article about tainted milk from China in Italy too (

Maybe the human milk thing advocated by PETA has some merit…uhh wait, no it doesn’t.

My God. I know I should have been reading up on this earlier, but this wasn’t just an accidental “oops, I dropped some toxic stuff in baby’s milk.” This was a deliberate attempt to sell watered-down milk. The toxic melamine was added because it makes tests for protein say that there’s more protein than their really is. That way, the milk can pass spot tests for quality.