China passing gas secretly

Developing nations have been using very ineffective strategies to handle these environment issues… China should tune their planet destroying gas plants to the max unless other countries subside them to stop, similarly Brazil should start burning the entire amazon forest unless the preservation fees get paid. Big untapped market, many opportunities

No one loves the environment more than President Trump.

Like China I too pass gas!

does your girl let you pass gas in bed yet?

I’m kind of a neat freak. I usually shit and shower b4 I fuck. At the minimum I’d wash and soap my cock and ass. I also avoid my fiber diet when I know she is coming. When I am on my fiber crap. It’s loud and stinky. You can actually tell if it’s just stinky gas from fiber. Or you have to empty poop.

Yep shit then shower! In the us some might actually consider it weird since they prefer mud butt!

I was in Beijing last week. I love the Chinese but the pollution is out of control. It was also quite the experience seeing the stall situation.

My new favorite hotel is Hotel Jen, I could live at that place.

well, that was one well timed ■■■■ post… lol

You should check out Thailand. I hear good things about their luxury hotels. Extremely good value.