Chinese Ferrari crash

So, you probably heard about this at some point. To summarize, the son of a Chinese official was killed in a crash involving his Ferrari 458 Italia. He was carrying two female passengers (note that the Ferrari 458 is a two-seat car). Both women apparently survived.

While this accident was very tragic, it makes the guy sound like a total BSD. I bet if you asked IEV or ChickenTikka, this is how they would choose to die - while hooking up with two women and driving a Ferrari…

“it crashed into the leg of the bridge while one of the women was pressed against the driver, who then lost control.”

That is Bengals cheerleader material right there…

I’m not sure I’d like to die between two women who survive and are likely to spend their lives thinking that getting in a car with me was the biggest mistake of their lives. If I were to die between two women, I’d want them to feel like they were lucky to be there with me before I expired.

(I suppose they might get a bunch of hush money, which might make them feel it wasn’t a complete mistake, but they might equally just ‘dissapear mysteriously’.)

That’s pretty much accurate, yes. If it was me, they would also find empty bottles of Moët in the car. Tonight I’ll shoot a three volley salute with a blank ammunition rifle to honor this young man. Hopefully my daughter will say a few words now that she’s learning Mandarin.