Chinese govt slammed for approving blackface

The Chinese are smart, they can figure this out and take care of it without Western tongue wagging. We have our own problems.

Newsflash: NE Asia doesn’t give a damn about this Western postmodernist self-hate nonsense, other than it being useful to bring down the West.

Japan, the two Koreas, and China are all ethnostates , and perfectly fine with that.


The Africans are already pissed at the Chinese for what amounts to neo-colonialism. They created an exhibit that slammed the Chinese involvement in Africa and when the Chinese lodged a complaint the Ghanians told them to go fk themselves lol

Mindful of that the Chinese have now launched soft initiatives to show their appreciation

so this bizarre skit was strange for having been approved and is not going to be received well by the Africans lol.

That’s fine, growth pains are expected in the relationship. Chinese “neo colonialism” is the least of their concerns. That area is a parade of one corrupt government after the next abusing their people, within the last few months we’ve seen deposed corrupt leaders in South Africa and Zimbabwe and the Congo announce that elections are “too expensive” so they may just skip this year. To your point, the government of Ghana is in the process of closing witch camps where women accused of witchcraft flee to escape lynchings and plans to “educate its population that witches do not exist,” which on a scale of designated sh*tting streets (DSS) to world super power (WSP) is roughly a two. China is hardly the worst power in the world and knows a thing or two about elevating an emerging country into a well run enterprise.

china gettin rid of term limits - amazong

Why wouldn’t they, Xi is awesome. Wish we had him in the US.

yup agreed

the xi-putin alliance will dominate for the next 20 years

Maybe the next 200 years!

“Beggars can’t be choosers”, as my grandma from the greatest generation used to say.

when national interests are threatened, the only way to unify a fragmented society is to blame the ________. People don’t change really.

Chinese investment has already been curtailed in LATAM and Africa for the past few years, I am sure Americans would like to do the same but are too dependent.

This is probably also partly due to a more rational commodities outlook and curbing of dirty production alongside steel, aluminum and coal right sizing that limited need.

libtards got triggered smh

I suppose it is predictable that a person who views the world in such literal terms would cast envious eyes towards the Chinese. Neo-colonialism is their absolute paramount concern, why? When the intellectuals of Africa kicked out the white invaders there was a small talent pool to pick from to run a nation and still the early signs were encouraging but American barbarians in their typical fashion took out the people who actually wanted to build nations and installed dictators who they could profit from because “communism”.

This was a massive concern for emerging nations and when nehru and mao met before the 62 Sino Indian war they discussed ways to curb western imperialism just after they had fought back against colonialism with mao telling Nehru “frankly the only way is to get the bomb”. China got the bomb in 3 years and India in 10. The point is early Chinese African relations were built on class solidarity and anti colonialism but now Jinping aggressive moves and the ccp sanctioning this skit has all the makings of white paternalistic attitudes and a ‘civilizing’ mission when China itself is there for resources and nothing more. Now it’s benign but the flickering signs of Chinese aggression are here, better to cut the head now than wait and be powerless when China starts looting Africa the same manner in which the west did

That’s a highly implausible scenario. If China had been acting tough against the West alone they would have won admirers from the entire emerging world and held up as a model instead then seem insistent on going their own way which is fair however in doing this they have pissed of 3 Asian countries Japan, India and Vietnam.

Japan is Japan , up there as one of the most technologically sophisticated countries and Abe’s move to remove the Japanese curbs on military spending have their roots in this.

India is India, Black Swan would say India should look at China but that is hogwash, everything that happens in India happens in China but at least in India you will hear about it and people will discuss it and in 30 years India profiles exactly like China. A 12 trillion economy with a per capita income on the cusp of a middle income country. With that comes influence and reach and India seems to be banking on this and seem to be aggressively confronting China.

Relations are so poor that India is contemplating kicking out all Chinese companies who they feel are stealing information

and in vietnam anti Chinese sentiment is on par with anti French and anti American sentiment with the South China Sea not helping. ( Vietnam will be a regional power soon).

All this has led to serious discussions of a Japanese Indian other defense coalition to patrol the Indian Ocean.

China has to be careful they have done great things but their West Chinese dichotomy isn’t helping anyone. A multipolar world is far more likely than a xi-Putin led one

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i suppose when you get comprehensively schooled and your idea that the world is ‘allying’ itself with China shown to be rubbish you get defensive and resort to nonsensical tangents.

here is one :

there are many more not limited to the western backed South African mercenary armies that took out the entire Angolan leadership post their independence to make sure their minerals were flowing West and not to the Russians

All this led to Che Guevara flying to the Congo and fighting with the Africans against this but ultimately the arbitrary borders drawn by the West cutting across tribes and cultures was too high a barrier to overcome

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Alternate hypothesis (anchored in science): all southern hemisphere cultures have performed the way they have, relative to northern hemisphere cultures which have performed the way they have, due to biological differences, which evolved over 50K years due to differences in those environments. This explains all the observations. Meanwhile you have to come up with a hundred individual theories (including loads of historic revisionism) to explain away the results. Bam, checkmate!

One can’t “social justice” their way out of physical reality.