Chinese rogue trader receives death sentence

Madoff must be pleased that he only got 150 years.

Chinese rogue trader receives death sentence A Chinese trader was sentenced to death for her part in a £10 million investment scandal. Wang Caipang, 30, borrowed cash between January and October 2010. Instead of buying equipment, property and other items, as promised, she speculated in futures and gold trading with her brother Wang Guanglin, who is still at large. The Daily Mail (London) (06 Apr.)

Eh, so what is the charge? Investment fraud? You can get a death sentence in China for that? She must have pissed off someone important.

Wow. China does use death sentences to state that certain things will be completely untolerated. Large scale drug dealing is the most common execution offense, I believe. And, unlike the US, they are not particularly squeamish about executing women, perhaps because they don’t use juries.

In China, death sentences are carried out *immediately*. So sentence was passed, and she was presumably taken and shot in the back of the head within half an hour.

Which makes you wonder how many death sentences were passed on people who were framed and can’t even try to appeal (because they are dead).

the chinese don’t play around…

She has to serve two years in prison first.

you think chinese prisons are like american prisons?

from what i know…american jails are all about rape/gangs/drugs…

Wow… China has changed its execution methods and procedures. As recently as 2007, shooting was the standard mechanism, as shown below. My sense is that outside of metropolitan areas, it still is.

(be forewarned, photos are rather gruesome)

(this set isn’t so gruesome, and kind of interesting, in a morbid sort of way)

And China is also reducing the number of immediate executions. I was unaware of these developments. In 2007, the number of non-immediate executions (which tend to have a 2 year waiting period) exceeded the number of immediate ones for the first time. It seems to be the more serious offenses that get immediate executions.

Well, unless you have a problem with death penalties in general, the Chinese method does seem to make sense.

Now in KSA, they just chop heads. I believe at one point hangings were televised in some ME nations?

Wow, that straight up took the top half of her head off. Who knew?

I think this is a good way to ensure the preservation of capital market integrity. Good start China.

I also think we need to execute their children as well.

You look at some guy like Raj Rajatnaram, that guy doesn’t care, cause he’s fat and gonna die soon because of that. His family on the other hand get to be billionaires. People can justify any financial crime if it benefits their kids.

Therefore, we need to put all the children of insider traders and big financial frauds in the hunger games.

You know in Chechnya the Kadyrov regime does that with terrorists. Arrests their family members, supposedly has been effective.

US aren’t like that. The wire wasn’t a documentary.

Such a bullcrap article. Repeatedly describing execution in china as akin to Nazi genocide is just stupid liberal hogwash.

I should point out that the term “rogue trader” is being used loosely here. In UBS, Barings, or similar cases a trader entered into undisclosed trades or falsified trades on behalf of their employer. In this Chinese case, they raised money on the premise of starting legitimate businesses. However, they then used the money for something else. So, it’s more like scamming than “rogue trading”.

Yeah, there is an agenda there, but stripping that out and just looking at the facts is interesting. They apparently kill people and sell the organs. That’s pretty intense, whatever you want to call it.

At any rate, Saudi still practices public beheadings with what in my mind is the worst legal system, very 1984 / kafkesque.

I agree, I think China is a little out of line given the number of executions and the legal process. That being said, I’m not anti death penalty and can’t really argue that the process isn’t effective. Particularly with so much change happening in such a large developing society. Who knows though.

Agree, that is pretty intense.

I agree that the Chinese van execution and the Nazi gas vans does not mean that Chinese executions (problematic as they are) is equivalent to Nazi genocide. It is morbidly interesting, however, that both systems seem to like the idea of using vehicles to accomplish this.

I do wonder what the point of executing someone in a van is, exactly. Is it just so that one can drive around to places and do it where you don’t have a regular execution facility? Or is there some reason that one needs to be driving around while being administered lethal injection?

I think it’s simply logistics. So you can can move the facility to the execution locale. It’s a large country. Just read about death by a thousand cuts and seeing how that was outlawed in 1905, I’d say they’re progressing at a good pace.