Chipotle - killed off diced tomatoes ?!

So I went to get my usual at Chipotle and saw brown mush in the metal container that used to have the diced tomatoes with cilantro (the mild sauce). Then I’m told they changed the recipe and stopped using diced tomatoes.

Very disappointed.

It was bland, brown mush slopped on top totally kills the look, and one of the great things about it was the texture you get from crunching into the tomatoes.

Never going to Chipotle ever again. I have decided.

Ok, time to short!

You’re in luck my man! The McRib is back at McD. Pound down the pork.

I always enjoy some Chipotle…until a few hours later when I pay the price. My stomach can’t handle it for some reason, but that doesn’t stop me from continuing to go back.

Mild? Weak dude. Hot is where its at.

Who cares. Quedoba has better burritos anyways.

I’ve got put options on this one. I’m hoping for an earnings miss, but fearful.

Baja Fresh > Chipotle > Qdoba > Dog Mess > Taco Bell

Whoever thinks that any of those other garbage Chipotle rip-offs (see Baja, Qdoba, Boloco, etc) are better than Chipotle must have a very weak palate. And yes, I know some were founded before Chipotle. They are still rip-offs.

Having said that, I agree that its BS that they changed the Pico. I know tomatoes are expensive and they are trying to cut costs before raising prices, but I’d rather pay 25 cents more per Burrito and have the Pico than that mush they are now serving.

Kids these days.

Relax son.

Absolutely everything about the “Chipotle Mexican Grill” product and business model is exactly the same as “Qdoba Mexican Grill”. The only real difference comes down to the preference for their ingredients, which are also basically the same. Qdoba’s “queso burrito” is awesome though, and I don’t think Chipotle has one of those…

I’m a little confused. I haven’t been to Chipotle since this thread started, but their web site still clearly describes their fresh tomato salsa -> Is it possible the one OP went to was just out of it that day?

It was a few days. They have since reverted to the original recipe.

Must be the successful result of the Occupy Chipotle movement.

Yes they went back to tomatoes. WE WON!!! They didnt want to pull a Netflix

“Tomatoes” were never taken off of the menu you bunch of clowns. There was probably a shortage at the one particular location you went to. They would have taken them off of all of the locations since they are corporate owned. That menu is not changing since their whole marketing strategy is the quality of their ingredients. QUALITY. So replacing a particular ingredient with a cheaper substitute would go against that.

^ Brilliant. Except everything you just wrote is completely wrong. They changed to a different recipe for their mild salsa. This allowed them to use fewer tomatoes. Yes, we all know they are corporate owned, but they don’t roll out changes to all their restaurants world-wide right away, they try them out in a few key markets first. It seems that most (if not all) NYC Chipotle locations changed to this new recipe, and I can’t speak to any other locations. This has happened before with various things, such as brown rice (I see this at a few locations, but not all) and chorizo, which was briefly introduced as a protein option but was quickly pulled presumably because of lack of interest (it was way too salty). Chipotle also has a test kitchen somewhere in Chelsea where they have completely different ingredients, such as whole wheat tortillas, soy cheese, etc. This is where brown rice and chorizo originated.

LMAO. Seriously kid, I design quantitative ad campaigns and work with large ad agencies and I can assure you that Chipotle did not “kill off diced tomatoes” in one of the largest cities in the world for a week for a test. Their whole strategy is quality. They would raise prices before cutting one of their top ingredients and replacing it with a cheap substitute. They have a very simple menu that works.

^ blake mccallister, an expert in all things chipotle because he works for an ad agancy.