Chipotle's Queso

Anyone have it? I heard it’s not good?

How can anyone here acknowledge if you heard it’s good or not?


Had it Wednesday. They gave it to us free to try. Was decent. But I never get chips so I would never get it again. I guess you could put it on a burrito? I would advise against this.

Btw how are people still mis-pronouncing the name of the restaurant when they have been around for like 25 years?

I got a burrito the other day, and the guy asked me if I wanted to slop on this unattractive looking cheese goo. Really, this was Chipotle’s turnaround strategy? They need some actual new menu items, especially some kind of viral (not a pun) hit like Double Down, McRib or Shake Shack’s chicken sandwich, not some weird pale liquid in a plain tray, looking what I imagine the cumbox must look like.

Well I was trying to decide what I want to eat for lunch. Now I think i’ll just skip it.

According to this article. It sucks because of the snobs who eat there.

Genuine Tex-Mex queso requires processed cheese, as Texas native LinYee Yuan noted at Quartz, citing food historian Robb Walsh’s remark that the dish "probably first became popular as a way for Tejano families to use up their supply of ‘government cheese.’” The classic recipe, of course, is essentially melted Velveeta.

That posed a problem for Chipotle and the craft-beer swilling, Whole Foods-shopping hordes who wanted the familiar taste of queso to be all-natural, too. It simply can’t. So Chipotle, hands tied by yuppie tastes, had to improvise, crafting a queso with tapioca and potato starches and a grainy mouthfeel.

^ I’ve tried it and agree with the grainy texture description. It was just OK, but they’re trying to charge over $2 PLUS the cost of the chips.


neon yellow processed cheese is why Taco Bell will forever reign

They need to do breakfast.

Chipotle has breakfast at some airports I believe. Also, I had the queso yesterday. I thought it tasted good…but it is definitely not worth the price they charged. Also I feel it’s dumb when they ask “do you want queso?” and 5 seconds later they ask “do you want cheese?”. Whores.

Does chipotle do breakfast burritos? If not then why the hell not? Throw some eggs and tater tots in that bish, daddy has a hangover.

Yeah, this needs to happen.

I’ve considered that a Breakfast burrito joint would be a great restaurant startup. Just serve breakfast burritos 24/7.

come to daddy

Come to think of it, if you look at MCD this year, the two things that have been positive two their business are 1) All Day Breakfast, and 2) delivery. Breakfast burritos are practically designed for this. Just hand you a burrito any time of the day.

I think the egg&bacon&cheese on a muffin has a lock on the market in the Northeast. Breakfast burrito is more of a Southwest thing, but it is intriguing to see all the burrito places opening up around me.

its just not worth it to pay $5 for that and some chips… good for margins but I’m not buying it

It’s edible. Sometimes it’s offered to me for free, and I never - well, rarely - turn down free food. I wouldn’t pay for it though.