choice between 7city kaplan and elan

hi i would like to know which is best between these three given that i dont have any background related to CFA

In my opinon it’s def the Ellen Mocks. Once you are able to master the Ellen mock Exams, the Mock exams provided by the CFA are much easier to grasp.

Ellen mocks? I can’t imagine you have used them much if you can’t spell it O.o

I would say Kaplan’s Schweser is fantastic if price is not of consideration. Elan isn’t bad, I use some of their stuff, but no questions asked I like Kaplan Schweser the best.

Ok thx :slight_smile:

Kaplan’s Schweser Notes seem pretty useful to me; I barely started preparing though…planning to sit for June 2014 test…

Both their notes are very similar. With your backgound though I can guarantee that you will find Elan’s videos far more useful. Ask anyone whose seen both sets of videos especially at level II. All the kaplan folks will switch to Elan because they simply have a better product.

With no relevant background in this stuff, I would strongly advise you to go with Elan especially their videos.

The majority of the folks out here would tell you that Schweser is the better read; Elan makes the better movies (Olinto rulz) and the better qbank; closer to the real deal.

I have used the Schweser books as well as the 11th hour and Schweser qbank. I thought that Schweser qbank was far too much plugnchug. Not enough thought through questions, so Elan is said to being closer to the question style you will find on exam day.

No love for 7city?


Hmmm thanks for the advice :slight_smile: got a different strategy to tackle l1 this time if hopefully some guys up here are motivated to have a study group :slight_smile: it will be like maximizing the opportunity of success from all direction :stuck_out_tongue:

I was all out ready to order the Kaplan Premium Study pack yesterday (just seemed like default choice because of the Kaplan name) until I went and researched some more and decided to check Elan out. This changed everything, took the free trial and have watched 3 videos so far, really good stuff very detailed and the best part is its much cheaper! I’m going with the Ultimate Plus Package fromm Elan.

I, just like you, asked a very similiar quesiton last year. Check out the below thread:

You mean Fitch learning?

From my Level II experiences with both Kaplan and Elan I would strongly advise you to go with Elan.


As far as Practice Question is Concerned, I found Schweser practice book with more Calculative Questions, while in Elan guides, there is a mix of Both Claculation and theory with decent ratio.

What’s that keychain like thing on top of the books?

I think , It is a USB as mentioned in the Discription.

I am a l1 2014er!!! lets form a study group!!! Eventhough I think it is a little bit early for us to study now but it is always good to get motivated early!!! :3

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