Choice of Calculator

hi i just wanted to ask is it compulsory to use a Hewlett Packard 12C or a Texas Instruments BA II Plus calculator or we can use some other companies normal calculator…

Cannot use any other. No question about it. Is the same for many exams including CFA, FRM and CAIA.

Unless it changed recently, 12c, BA II Plus, or your computer like brain. No other options.

12C. Since you’re in India, I suggest you reach out to Ananda for the deal in Delhi.

Buy the TI.

Money reference

So what’s the deal with this Ananda thing? This happened before I joined AF. People are saying that its epic scale rivals that of qqqbee.

I just bought TI BA II Plus Professional that is needed for CFA exam from this place in Delhi: Karan Sports And Stationers Shop No: 27 DDA Shopping Centre Ber Sarai (Ber Sarai Market) New Delhi-16 Phone: 26526163 Cost me INR 3,600/- with bill. SD.

I don’t even know how to describe Ananda. It’s really a shame that thread got nuked. It was maaany pages long

seriously a lot of epic pages/posts have been nuked…so no to nuclear warfare!!! make love not war Chad

which one should i buy a Texas Instruments BA II Plus or Texas Instruments BA II Plus professional… If i buy a Texas Instruments BA II Plus instead of a professional version will that affect me?

No big deal mate, just get any. TI is fairly simple to use as opposed to HP in my opinion. Although I know people that would swear by HP, so it’s your call.

I got the BAII when I started because it was cheaper and more simple to use. Have to admit the HP does look cool, though…

You’re on the AF Board now BS, perhaps your first action could be to resurrect some of those nuked threads. That thread in particular was in the top all-time AF threads. So was that one where the guy described what he had for lunch that day (or something like that) and it just went off the charts…

See the thread in the level I forum.