Choosing a Society - What can the society do for you?

I am applying for my charter and I need to choose a local society. My country of residence does not have a society. At this stage it seems like I have an open choice as to which society I can apply to [feel free to let me know if you know otherwise]. So, before making my choice, I would like to hear other people’s personal accounts of what their society did for them. In what ways was it important/beneficial for your career? Was it important to be a member of a society that us physically close to your residence?

I suppose the benefits are there if the society is close to your residential/working area. If the society is out of state, I donno how you can even network with the other members.

Agree. The benefit is meeting people. If I were you I would not join a foreign community. Why don’t you start a local CFA society in Serbia?

dont do it bro

ask not what your society can do for you, ask what you can do for your society

I had the opposite problem: my country has a plethora of societies. I live in Orange County (CA, USA), so I joined the Orange County Society; many who live in Orange County join the Los Angeles Society (which is much larger and, therefore, may provide more benefit).

im retweeting this thread. would be nice to hear from someone who got a job through local CFA society

^ Me.

how did it happen? was that networking through society or did society notify you of this available job?

Society has a job listing.