Choppy Resume

I had 5 jobs in past 9 years as a software developer. My career was progressing and getting good raise. Now after a finance degree and trying to look for quant job, head hunter feed back is : I have very impressive software engineering track record, however my resume is choppy due to frequent job changes. I told her in high tech, people change job frequently voluntarily or involuntrarily (layoff). Will this damage my chances for a good job in finance industry? Thanks,

5 jobs in 9 years is borderline for what’s considered “a lot.” why not limit the number of jobs mentioned on the resume. Just include the top three jobs.

negativefcf Well, then how I explain the gap if I only include my most recent three positions?

Spin it. You were never truly happy as a software engineer so many job changes took place as you tried to find professional satisfaction. It wasn’t for you, hence the degree in finance.

MBAFinance Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > negativefcf > > Well, then how I explain the gap if I only include > my most recent three positions? You have a degree in finance and is looking for a different direction. Why does it matter if u have gaps in a previous profession? If they ask on the interview, then like Xsellside said, you have to talk you way through it. Lots of people have various jobs, switch jobs, different function, different department, internship, externship, etc. They don’t list ALL of the jobs. They list what is pertinent.

The IT market is a high turnover industry depending on the city and more so in the early stages of your career …in the late 90’s people were changing jobs every year …( my older sister is in IT ) also you can say wht Xsellside indicated above . …

Sometimes you’re stuck with a choppy resume due to causes which were beyond ones control. That’s the way it is. Of course it will damage your career in finance, as will the mere fact that you were a software engineer… or benefit. In any case: my best piece of advice is to work your network, rather than addressing recruiters (who have their pre-determined forms to fill in) and get hired by someone in finance who already knows you, or who knows of you. If you had been a software engineer at a consultancy firm you might easily have worked in 5 projects over 9 years. Portray yourself more as a consultant.