Chosing QBank for Dec/17

Hello, everyone!

I sincerely hope that you can help me correct my studying strategy. Now I prepare to Level 1 Dec. and read almost half of Schweser. And I understand that should practice more especially quality question like in real exam. However, I can’t choose between Schweser, Wiley, “premaster . com” and “allenresources . com”. In forum I read that Schweser’s Qbank has more quantities questions and Wiley has more quality questions. But about others resources, i can’t find relevant information

Could you give me any advice for choosing useful Qbank?

Thanks in advance

I used Wiley for their video lectures, study guides, and Qbank, Kaplan and Wiley for their mock exams, and Apptuto as a second Qbank. For L1, Apptuto had the best Qbank (can’t say the same for L2 unfortunately). I highly recommend checking them out, I think it’s like $100 or something, and their mobile app is great to do practice questions on the go.

Am a first timer, June Level 1. For the CFA training, in addition to the CFA curriculum itself, have opted for BloombergPREP. I took their two-week trial and found the training very helpful. They break up bigger concepts into smaller nuggets - they explain each concept in a easy to comprehend manner and present questions at the end of each nugget to help you with the comprehension and to test your proficiency level. So while you are learning concepts you are practicing questions at the same time. Based on how well you answer questions you are placed in various proficiency levels to help you in determining which areas need improvement. Also, the tool provides an easy user interface with nice features that help keep track of progress made, % of curriculum covered, success rate, the average time spent on each question, mock exams etc - features that help in preparation. Good luck!

Black8Mamba23 and far_w, thanks for your answers! :slight_smile:

I saw Apptuto, and found it very useful (especially opportunity to choose hard quality questions). Soon maybe will buy it. But so far I will wait some more answers. If I understand rightly, Qbank is the way to realize and learn by heart material. But chose rightly is not easy

I am sitting for L1 in June and am using the BloombergPREP software. I chose it because after taking a few other similar-ish industry exams (Series 7, 66, CFP) I found that I study and prepare best with summarized reading and heavy amounts of practice questions. I enjoy the CFAI books but being someone who is admittedly poor with time-management I get too caught up in the details to a fault. BP provides concise summaries of sections with good follow up questions that make moving through the curriculum without forfeiting important concepts quick and organized. The progress tracking and data analytics for performance scores on different sections and chapters is really cool and fits with my study style well. I may still be purchasing the Kaplan Q-Bank for a little bit of diversity in question style/concepts but overall I have been happy with my decision to use Bloomberg as my primary study material.

Someone could give relevant advice because answers @TXHOKIE and @far_w does not seem relevant for me because of their date of registration. Sorry, but it is just fact.