Chris Cuomo - will he be fired?

I hope he is so that fox news or any other news agency can pick him up and he can be his real self 24/7.

haha when keeping it real goes wrong. lol why didnt he just have a good comeback. i mean the guy looks like a penguin.

LOL - This Just LOWERS the bar even MORE!

President Trump providing his valuable insight, as always.

I do respect this sort of trolling in all honesty.

I actually like him more for going after “punk @ss btch”. It’s pretty funny to me. However, he shouldn’t have tried to defend Italians from derogatory terms like the “right” is infringing on some civil rights issue or something. Just call out punk @ss btch and don’t pretend you’re standing up for something unrelated.

sad day when alt right is going after italians

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The black community is going to condemn him for comparing the word fredo to the N word right?

Also it’s silly. If the guy were to throw a punch and he would retaliate, he can still get sued because he was escalating the situation. The key to justifying punching someone in the face is to try and de escalate the situation and wait for them to swing.

Chris Cuomo once referred to himself as ‘Fredo’ in radio interview