Chronological or Functional Resume?

Need help with the following!

I have used chronological resume all my life like the majority out there. Unfortunately I have an unemployment gap of two years on my resume which I dont want to highlight. I’ll land in Toronto around April-May and thinking about changing my resume format to functional. It’ll also highlight my diverse career history. I worked as a customer services professional, lecturer, banker, mutual fund sales facilitator and currently working as a financial consultant for a small private company.

How often functional styled resume are used in Canada? Any canadians on AF? Please help me!

I have never seen one, ever, and I’ve reviewed at least a thousand resumes in Canada for finance jobs. Go chronological.

I would invent a position for the missing time period that highlights a unique skill set. Say, for instance, like “freelance bouncer (i.e., cooler), most recently for the Double Deuce nightclub in Jasper, Missouri – 1988-1989.”

Ok thanks. I’ll add this if I don’t break into finance and have to work at a nightclub.

btw a functional resume does list your experience in chronological order, but it starts out with highlighting your skill set under specific headings for example Financial Analysis, Management, PR etc.

…deemphasizes the chronology of your work experience.

Yeah, most financial types assume that if you send a functional resume, it means you are trying to hide employment gaps and then they get scared to be seen hiring you.

Ok got it. Thank geo, bchad.


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