CIPM anyone?


has anyone taken the CIPM here? If so how many hours of study do you think is required for a pass? I am thinking of taking it next year.I am aware it is a heavy derivative of some sections of the CFA L3 syllabus and many overachievers here would consider it a waste of time, but i am far from an overachiever and perhaps the CIPM is more helpful (albeit less interesting) for me…in any case no haters please just info would be nice.


:frowning: no one?

I wouldn’t waste my time doing the CIPM. I’d rather spend my time learning something completely different after completing the CFA.

this is for people in performance…

its a back office designation. but it can lead to front office opportunities, manager research etc

thank you for the responses !


It’s an easy test. Definitely under 100 hours study time for each level.

Stop chasing letters.

letters don’t fall apart as dreams do

Remember there is an opportunity cost to spending time adding titles to your name.

^ only if you are able to utilise the time required for studying to do something more productive :-/

Alladin, mate thats a classic :slight_smile: