CIPM - OSC bulletin

If there is anyone out there who has taken both levels of the CIPM I’d be curious to know how difficult the statistics gets. I’ve passed all 3 levels of CFA (level II took me a couple of attempts) and would consider the stats/quant to be at the level of a 2nd or 3rd year business/econ undergrad degree. Does the CIPM get any more difficult than this or is it more a matter of learning the more qualitative conventions found in GIPS? For those interested here is a recent release from the Ontario Securities Commission that touches on what is probably the core part of the CIPM course: Thanks.

compared to CFA CIM is a peice of cake. Do you still need your CIM to be a ICPM if you have your CFA?

I’ve never been impressed with the work of the OSC. Is Canada not viewed as “the Wild Wild West” because of organizations such as the OSC? Willy

Actually, CCM, I was referring to the CIPM (Certificate in Investment Performance Management) offered by the CFA Institute and not the CIM offered by the CSI. It doesn’t look like many people (about zero) people have actually taken both levels of the CIPM.

I just passed the CIPM Expert level. For further information, please refer to CIPM’s Homepage at the CFA Institute: Press release about the last session’s results:

would u recommend CIPM to some one working as Regulator of mutual funds? i am also CFA level 2 candidate do u think CIPM is a stand alone qualification? what is the expectred market value of this certification?..anyone plz help

And after reading through the cfa website i dont get it how would i get the books??? how would i prepare ? is the online coursewere the only way of studying??? how difficult is the exam?