CIPM - Performance exam - Thoughts? Materials?

Hi All,

I’m a performance analyst and thinking of taking the CIPM exams. Anyone have some previous materials? Would like to take a look before signing up if possible.

Also, anyone here taken the exam? Did it help you solidify your knowledge of performance? How was the coverage of the broader risk topics? Any career benefits come from this?


I know a guy who took and passed CIPM. He got demoted and was given a pay decrease.



I also work in Investment Performance and plenty of people I know have the CIPM. It’s designed specifically for us and is useful, both in terms of knowledge and career prospects. It can also be completed in a year without destorying your life, which is beneficial.

One thing to note is that a lot of people who have CIPM go on to do the CFA as they say CIPM isn’t well recognised or as well thought of as the CFA. This is fair as the CFA is significantly harder and more time consuming. I got the CFA and it has massively helped, but it was a serious sacrifice and I’d probably choose CIPM instead if I went back 3yrs.

My advice, do CIPM unless you want to move out of performance.