CIPM program

Guys just wanted a perspective on how recognised is the CIPM exam by CFAI. Anyone who’s giving it or considering giving it ? Whats the difficulty level like ? Is it worth the effort ?

Your last question: not really.

Stupid program not worth anything; not worth any effort.

Thanks guys

i took and passed the Principles test w/o much effort. It’s worth taking if you’re relatively inexperienced and you’re in or want to be in performance analytics, investment management compliance and to a lesser extent biz development. Outside of these areas it’s of no value. For recent CFA exam takers - does the CFAI still test GIPS in the CFA Program? If i recall correctly it was a study session when i passed level III in '05.

It’s in the LOS but I only recall one question from the Level 1 that was related to GIPS.

i hate the damm GIPS and the whole ethics part of CFA. i guess its important in any case.

The performance analysts in my firm are all taking the CIPM. It is really geared to that job function in large AM firms. It’s not good or bad, just a niche. Believe it or not, specialists in performance have a pretty unique and valuable skills set. It is pretty IT intensive though.

Dante, I have been visiting a LOT of asset managers the last few years and nobody recognises the CIPM as very useful.

What jobs are you interviewing for? It is only useful in the job of performance analyst. I thought I made myself clear. Also the designation is brand new.