Does everyone take a different CIPM test when they sit? Just curious because I suppose it’s possible the MPS can get skewed up by cheaters. If 1 guy takes the test March 1st, then goes to tell his buddy all the questions and then guy 2 takes it on March 2nd his results will be higher. I really hope it’s different. I realize they all should be bound by the ethics code but I doubt CFAI leaves it up honesty.

Don’t think cheating is an issue for this designation, yet. CIPM program has been around for nearly 10 years, and last time I checked only ~1500 people in the world currently hold the designation. Also since the exam is computerized, there is a good chance that the order of the questions is mixed up to avoid memorizing one list of MC answers.


Actually, this is why CFA exams in China and India are on Sunday, unlike Saturday in the US and other countries. The issue was that too many candidates in Asia were leaking the questions to people in other countries. The exam is the same, despite different time zones. So, CFAI made the Asians take the exam later, to avoid them getting their hands on the papers before people in other countries. Of course, you could potentially have US people breach the exam to Asians now, but apparently, CFAI is less concerned about this.

Is CIPM a worthwhile credential, or is it just for people who cant pass CFA exams? How hard is it compared to CFA? How many hours of study are required? Will it get me more money at my work

I could tell you (because I have both), but don’t wanna.


Could I ask any CFA charterholders to comment on the comparative difficulty between CIPM LII (formerly known as “Experts”) and the CFA exams.

I know the CFA exams are more demanding (I passed LIII this year) but would appreciate some insight into the time I need to devote to preparing for CIPM LII between now and next March.

Also, in the exam itself, how pushed for time were you? The last time I did a computer based test was CAIA and I was finished in half the allotted time.

Easier than LII or LIII. Put in 100-120 hours of study while making your own notes/flashcards, and you should be fine.


I’m almost through material already. It’s not so bad. Easier than CFA level 1-3 because it’s a lot less reading. Difficulty of reading is on par with level 1 of CFA. Put in 41 hours so far. I’m a due diligence analyst and am lead performance consultant of about 8 billion in AUM. So this credential is more interesting to me than CFA.

Thanks for the replies.

The only prep provider I can find is Cairn, who offer a L II course including mock for about US$600.

Anyone used them? Is it worth it? By “worth it”, I guess I mean will it help me pass the exam at the first attempt and without having to wade through the entire printed curriculum?

Thank goodness I have stumbled upon this thread. Lately I have had been thinking about enrolling for the course…and yes like many might be able to predict, I have failed my CFA level 1 exam on 1st attempt with only 3 months preparation. I had my own personal reasons and couldn’t give my 100% into it…

Anyways now I don’t have that much of time to invest in CFA, so was thinking if doing CIPM would be of any good. Can anyone who has done it or is doing it can shed some light on it, please?

I know it may not be as greatly valued as CFA, but lately CFAI has been promoting it a lot…so there must be some value in it…

Has anyone used Cairn as a prep provider from CIPM II (Experts)? Is it worth the US$600?

I bought CAIRN Prep and no its not worth it. What I really need are more practice questions and Cairn offers nothing more than one mock exam and some videos that are no good.

CIPM offers value if you work in a performance and/or due diligence capacity. I work in both of those so its worth it and adds value.

This is interesting. I’m still working on the CFA but currently im working as a PE performance and reporting analyst. Based on what you’ve been reading do you think this exam is also applicable to PE performance?

It is but I would say its more for investment manager selection, hiring/firing, due diligence, etc. Not solely performance.

Anyone else doing Level II in March and want to join a whatsapp group?

Final shout for a WhatsApp group. I’m starting studying this weekend. Why do I feel like I’m the only one taking this exam…

You’re not the only one. I heard 2 Indian CAs and an unemployed Korean were sitting for the exam in March 2018, as well.


I am actually thinking of giving this program a go. I just took CFA Level 3 which, if I pass, would exempt me from CIPM Level 1. And I already have full CFA membership so that takes care of the work requirements…so it seems like I would only need to take CIPM Level 2 to get the certification.

Honestly it seems appealing…

This is all of course assuming I passed CFA Level 3. #CrossFingers


Easier than CFA level 2 and 3?

Smaller curriculum too? How many pages / books we talking bout?

Writing the CIPM Level 2 next week. Is it me or are the practice problems (especially Cairn) awful? Any tips for the exam? Averaging 65-70 on practice problems. Good enough like CFA?