circling questions not sure on

Does anyone else circle the questions they aren’t 100% on? I have done that for all three levels and it has worked as a general guide, since most of the time if I were to get stuck in a few questions toward the beginning or end I would end the test thinking I had done worse than I really did. This year however I circled 29, almost half!

Really? Is this your question right now? 16 hours to results?

we got a troll onboard?

People seem to be not as nice to posts these days. Too much anxiety to focus on non 1/2 box questions…

I did that for all my three levels. My strategy is I will mark all my answers on question book first, for example, the first 15 multiple choices, and then fill in the answer card all together later. When I filled my card I will recheck the one that I circled and if I figure it out I will scratch out the circle, or if I still can’t figure it out I will leave it blank and come back after I finish all the other questions. That works great for me!

I think that almost everyone had to guess at least a few questions. I noticed that CFAI creates some questions, that you are really dont know whats going on or calculation, that seems pretty straigh forward and you did it million times before but no possible answer matches your result.

I’ve always done this. But half?? Jeez man. I circled 5 tops in the afternoon section

In this year’s PM I found two calculation questions of the same item set very tricky. I tried more than 10 different methods but still could not find any answer that matches the given options…

Dreamland, same. I know what you’re referring to. Those were two of my five.

I know which questions you are talking about. I was struggling with them and end up guessing. Before the questions I thought that its my strength)


thats fine… i felt good on about 30… and not sure on the other half… but thinking i may have gotten 10-15 of those “guesses” correct

I always did this for mocks and the exam. I liked to see what percentage of the unsure ones I got right. It seems like I was at 50% . In the actual PM test this year there were 12 that I was unsure of. Also monitored how many of those I did not circle to see what the score was. On mocks was getting 90% of uncircled right.