hi Guys !

Im relatively new to the forum . Apologies in advance im sure this question has come up a lot in the past for those of you in the clue what is the diffrence between CISI qaulification and the CFA ? A friend asked me and I was totally unaware of it . In anycase I myself no have grown curious aswell … if they are similar which one is more difficult ? which is prefered by employers ? would doing both be benefical or if you did one and attempted the other would there be any exemptions ?

This is mostly a US-centric forum so many people here will have never heard of CISI.

As such, CFA has far more global recognition, if you are looking for a qualification that offers global mobility, CFA programe is head and shoulders above the CISI qualifications. However, CISI is much more flexible, CFA is only applicable for managing money/wealth/assets/etc. whereas CISI allows you the option of specialising in different things and can be more applicable to investment banking.

I believe CISI does offer exemptions to CFA charterholders but CFAI of course does not hand out exemptions to anybody.

Certificate in Spandex Inspection?

Certified Indian Salami Inspector?

Can’t go wrong with the much coveted CISI.

I would say that if you live in Alaska then the CISI is absolutely the way to go. And parts of Northern Canada of course. Outside of there, I feel the CFA carries much more weight than being a Certified Igloo Safety Inspector. Not much use for them down here in New York!

^ hilarious!

^ I could have used a CISI for my igloo this winter. Damn. Could have prevented that tradgic collapse…