CIT Responses and Essay

Whats up everybody,

Hope all is well and that studying isn’t dragging everyone down too much. Wanted to get some takes from everyone on how you are preparing for the CIT short answer or essays. Right now I’m just going over each by different CIT seeing the answer rewriting it then taking the explanation and putting it in a word doc to review later. I’ve never dealt with this open ended type response before and its a little bit difficult. Some of the answers I just don’t know yet and feel there is no point in writing a BS response and then grading it all wrong. I know by exam time that’s what I need to do, but for now any suggestions on helping build a decent foundation on these topics (besides reading them, which I have done). All responses welcome, just wanted thoughts. Using Uppermark by the way. Thanks and good luck!

Hi Jg6,

Did you manage to finish the program last September ? How was the essay part ?

Many thanks