Citing one's network in a cover letter.

Is it of any value to cite your network in a cover letter for a job? For example, say you worked at an asset manager and were in touch constantly with 50 various portfolio managers. Would hiring managers care that you have that established network? Or how about if you have friends in asset managment, investment banking, hedge fund analysis, etc. Is it any value to include a blurb in a cover letter about this?

it could work…I did it once and it helped. it is better, i reckon, to do a normal cover, then if you can follow up with a call and CITE your source, it sticks better. Def leverage contacts you have inside

It really depends… if you are doing some kind of sales work, then a network is great. If people know other people in your network, it can make you sound more like an insider. If your job demands that you generate new and good ideas, having a network of other great thinkers can help. However, if the job doesn’t require much of a network and the readers don’t know your network, it can sound a bit like name dropping and phluff…