Clarification in Ethics Question

Given statement: A firm restricts personal trading of stocks analyzed, corporate directorships, trustee positions, and other special relationships that could reasonably be considered a conflict of interest with their responsibilities to their employer. Subsequent Question: An analyst was recently elected to the board of a unviserity and was appointed as the chairman of the University’s endowment committee. My doubt is given the statement of the firm of restriction to corporate directorship - can the analyst accept the position if he asked to like travel occaisonally in a year. 1) Can he accept this position while being the employee of the firm ? 2) Since its mentioned only corporate directorship, he can be on the board of directors for the university ? Thanks, Ganesh

Corporate directorship is not the same as chairman of the U’s endowment, but this position would probably take considerable time away from his primary job, and potentially have a conflict of interest, so he would need his supervisor’s approval most likely.

That is what I too thought so. But was not really confident. Thank you Andrew.

So if he accepted could he only buy stocks which his firm did not research for the endowment? I would say thats a pretty explicit conflict of interest.