Classes at a JC

I graduated from a top liberal arts school. I work in public health research. I am trying to prepare for the CFA. I thought it would be a good idea to take some finance/accounting classes to help me study and help me with getting a job in finance or accounting. I really cant afford to take a university level cost on my tiny salary. I can afford a JC though. How do you think this could affect my employment opps? Will people look down on me because I took the classes at community college? I want to get on with an employer that will pay for the rest of the CFA exams. Thanks!

I’ve taken classes at community college after earning a Ph.D. and being a professor at a top liberal arts school. Community college courses are great. Edit: I’ve taken: 1) Intro to English Lit 2) The History of England 3) Creative Writing - Short Story 4) Some philosophy course like intro to western philosophy Edit 2: Oh and 5) Intro to Japanese Language

Will people look down > Will people look down on me because I took the classes at community > college? No, and if they do, they have serious issues pertaining to insecurity, so stay away from them. Community college courses are no different than the same courses offered at a university. I tutored at a community college for over a year and many of the students came from a university. The material they use is the same. Some of the smartest people I met were community college students–although I will add that they spanned all ages types. I myself got an AA (in 3 semesters) at a junior college before moving on to my BA at a university. It was a short commute, I didn’t have to live in a dorm, and I saved plenty of money–thanks to a state scholarship. -g

If you want a fun, casual, touchy-feely, “let’s discuss it and share” type atmosphere then jr. college might be perfect for you. Before I entered the CFA program I took an accounting class at NYU Night School (jr. college vibe, no entrance requirements, cheap, etc.). The other students were not motivated and the teacher was a joke. It was not an efficient use of time. I think seeing Peter Olinto give the free class on FSA (while trying to sell you on Stalla) is what convinced me to get serious about the CFA program. The students in the Stalla class were all very serious and the pace of the class was intense… I wasn’t wasting my time (like in the Jr. college). If you can’t keep up just watch it again and again on the CD-ROm and maybe read extra books. Plus, the other benefit of the CFA program/class is that reasonably smart people at CFAI put the curriculum together and keep it up to date.

I was thinking of doing it online. This way I wouldnt waste my gas.