Classical Song

I’ve had this song in my head, on repeat, overnight and it is slowly driving me insane. I am hoping one of you can point out the composer / name of this this classical song by this crude assortment of sounds. This song is very slow but builds up over time.

da dum da da da da (pause) da dum da da da da (pause) da dum da da da da (pause) dadadadadada -da (repeat)

I will burn a field of small puppies if i cant figure this out soon. Help.

Theme from Jaws?

How do you not know this song? It is “Hungry like a Wolf” by Duran Duran. Daa doo daa daa… Hung-ry like a woooolf…

Can you provide any information about genre / instruments involved / key / anything else about the mood of the piece?

You mean Bolero from Ravel? I am afraid the dums and das are not enough. Can you give us some more clues? There are some apps for this, though. I think SoundHound can identify tunes if you whistle of hum.

You guys think im fooling around here, there is a puddle of blood due to those two responses.

Ramos - no. I would best equate the epicness to Requiem or O’Fotuna yet it is instrumental.

Ohai - speachless. I just murdered another puppy re-reading your comment. Please never related this brilliant piece to duran duran.

Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber?

I eagerly anticipate your response; until then I think this thread has the makings of one of the funniest posts on this forum.

Post clip of you on youtube doing the da dums


I second this, and dafuq happened to lunch gov? no homus.

No Greenie - but i do like that piece. I would best relate it to Moonlight sonata in terms of build up…

numi - i can’t speak to the exact instruments but the mood is certainly dark.

Tomorrow Ramos, we’ll take a walk to Lagrange st

So, that is a no for Bolero? What Requiem would you compare it to? Mozart? And what do you mean “O’Fotuna”? You mean Carmina Burana?

I second the youtube idea. We need to hear you.

Stairway to Heaven?

You can’t speak to the exact instruments? Percussion, brass, strings, piano, etc.? Anything?

Just record yourself singing or humming it and maybe someone here can identify

Word. You should at least be able to say “it’s solo piano” or “there are some violins and trumpets and stuff”

Hey, are you thinking of Beethoven’s seventh symphony, second movement?

My money’s in the Girl from Ipanema.

This is on the correct path but not what i am seeking. Perhaps more details are needed:

Da Dummmm ( half sec pause) de da da da (half sec pause) de da dummmm (a bit higher; half sec pause) de da da da (half sec pause)De Da Dummmm (louder; half sec pause) de da da da (half sec pause) de dadadadadada…da…daa (pause and repeat)

Is it JS Bach’s Fugue? The one that’s only the organ.

(insert “organ” joke here)