Clearly I am doing something wrong

I am officially getting frustrated.

I have been doing a series of AM practice tests and no matter how much I study I can’t improve my scores. CFAI mock 2006/2007/2009 are 68/63/55. Schweser Vol 1 scores are 65/63/63. It looks like I am doomed to score in the 60’s no matter what. After every test I go back and do EOCs from the CFAI text that I scored poorly in. Also, Individual IPS is consistently a killer for me.

If anyone has any good tips please let me know. I was hoping to be scoring in the mid to high 70s by this time. Otherwise, I thought I would just share my frustration in the hopes that I am not alone.

got a month bro - only need to improve slightly

head up in the books

stay the course

finish line in sight

You’re doing nothing wrong; sounds like you’re on the right path.

Would you pass the exam if it was today? Maybe not. But you’re still 4 weeks out.

Keep in mind that you don’t need scores “in the mid to high 70s” to pass the actual exam. You need something like a 65. If you’re scoring yourself conservatively, then you are almost there already.

Keep chugging away on the practice exams, old CFAI morning exams, mocks, etc.

By June 2nd you should be in fine shape.

Chill, dude.

This exam ain’t so important.

When you read about stuff like MCA dying at such a young age…

You put it into perspective…and then charge forward 110%