Cleveland Browns

First, they draft Johnny Football, and everything that comes with him. Dude just got photographed rolling up a dollar bill (cocaine-snorting style) in a Vegas bathroom.

Then, Josh Gordon gets another DWI.

If they keep this up, they just might be as crime-ridden as my 90’s Dallas Cowboys were.

Each morning I take the Browns to the superbowl.

Rams are making the playoffs this year, I can feel it.

Sounds like he’s into that whole Yale thing.

Their division isn’t the toughest out there. On a semi related note, this is the last year Andy Daulton will be a starter.

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Why isn’t anybody forcing the Browns to change their name?

^ why should they?

Ocho Cinco finally got his first TD in the CFL. He’s been having a slow start so far.

Probably not

he didnt even apologize in the post game conference