Click on "Apply for Membership"

Under the membership link when you log in if I click on “Apply for Membership”, I get the following error - “We detected an Error which may have occurred for one or more of the following reasons: You must wait for your CFA application to be approved before you can create a new application (CFA_MBRAPP-111) (SBL-EXL-00151)” Not sure what’s going on here. Is the process to wait for CFA email first and then initiate this process.? Thanks

God knows!

Did you fill out your work experience and get your sponsors to send back their questionnaires? I wish I got all this done before the test, I just thought it would be the jinx from hell to prepare the membership application, ask sponsors, and pay for a NYSSA membership only to find out I failed.

Yea. Talk about human emotions /luck watever we call it. I did’nt want to Jinx it either and didnt care to look into this at all. I have filled all my work experience but I dont know what to do next ? If I click on “Apply for membership” it gives me some strange error. I call em tmrw to see if this gets resolved. Once I get cfa email and I will forrward it my sponsors.

Didn’t you already get the email when you signed up for level 3? I think the problem is that you have already begun one application process and are trying to start another one.

Just contact CFA Institute and they will remove the current application (by phone is faster) if you can´t find the sponsor email that was sent when you signed up for level 3.

Just spoke with CFAI. I was an Affiliate member, and by exam time, I had the required 48 months. We have to hit “Upgrade”, which then puts us back in the pipeline to be Regular members. At this stage, ALL the work experience is reviewed again by CFAI and the local society. Once approved, we can pay. She said it’ll be two to three weeks to get approved.

I posted my answer in other thread. I saw same message. I called and withdrew my application and it became fine in a few minutes. I think you can also hit the service request to withdraw.

Thanks sleepybird. I did call them and had the account reset. I have sent the link to my sponsors. I am still not able to update my work experience. My most recent experience which I want to add keeps giving me some error message ( I guess due to special charaters). This system is a piece of crap. It saves with comma or a special charater one time and the next minute it wont if I type the same line again. I wasted a lot of time at work today trying to use a combination of pasting from word doc or typing and just gave up at the end. Customer Rep wanted me to send the word document to CFAI and it seems they update it for you. I sent an email on Wednesday morning and havent heard back anything yet.