Client-paid research reports

I’m trying to compile a list of firms that do client-paid research (i.e. they write a research report on XYZ and get paid by the same firm). So far I have the following firms: -JM Dutton and Associates -Spelman Research -Taglich -Cohen Research -Investrend Are there any others you’re aware of? might be of some help edit: fixed url edit2: don’t bother

all of the bulge brackets… banking pays the bills They may be more impartial but there are a whole bunch of companies that wouldn’t be covered if it didn’t offer the possibility of a deal. How many IPOs don’t get picked up coverage by the underwriter?

Jason: What you’ve said is true, but I’m looking for research firms that get paid EXPLICITLY by the covered firm. So, if you know of any, I’d be grateful. It’s for a grad student of mine who’s doing some research on the topic.

Maybe ratings agencies?

Ratings agencies wouldn’t do - they have at least the impression of impartiality. We’re looking for the “PR Flacks” of the analyst world.

How about ratings agency analysts that rate SIVs? They no longer have an impression of impartiality. (semi jk here). :wink: