Clinton speaking tour Groupon

Clintons sell surplus speaking tour tickets on Groupon.

"Some tickets for one stop in Canada for their “An Evening With the Clintons” tour sold for just $5, but now they’ve cut prices by nearly 60% in a deal with Groupon to draw more people.

“On the official site, there were still seats for the tour available for up to $325, with other floor seats going for $83 plus a hefty service charge, but on Groupon, they can be picked up for as little as $35,” the Daily Mail writes."

She should just go to Goldman again, I hear they pay very well for speeches.

A women who supposedly won the popular vote, gets paid 6 figs to speak with organizations bombs when we get a look at the real data… this can’t be!

Not sure if anyone checked, but the Daily Mail article is truly amazing.

What’s interesting is Trump filled up stadiums in states where he had to fight for a victory, while the Clintons can’t even fill up small areas in parts of the country they selected, which you assume they did because they had the most supporters.

Even if you are a die hard leftie why would you pay to see Klinton Speak?