Closing the Books

Closing the Books now.

Time to refine my formula memorization. And reread ethics.

They are probably going to shut down the forum area within the next few days.

I want to wish everyone good luck on Saturday. I’m sure you all will do well. Remember it’s impossible to know everything all we can do is try our best!!!

Pass or Fail on Saturday…it’s over…it’s just a test and finally we all will be free…for at least 2 months.

Good Luck all!!! You all are going to crush it!

They shut down the forum area?


Yeah they lock down Analyst Forum a day before and a day after the exam to reduce the chance of people posting stuff they shouldn’t and being seen by people who are in different time zones and haven’t actually sat the exam yet.

same here! all the best guys

Best wishes to everyone !

I hope everybody kills it on Saturday. If you’ve got your formulas down and you’ve put in your time doing practice questions you’ll be ok. Good luck

Good luck everyone! Love all you handles out there!

Best wishes everone – and bring on Saturday night!

I love yall for pushing me. The journey is the best part of life and challenges make us stronger so let’s get it Saturday. Best of luck everyone.

Don’t forget your tickets and passports!

Good luck everyone! I hope next year we will write in the L3 forum. Wish you to ace the exam and of course to have unforgettable Saturday night!

Yep - wish everyone good luck…Can’t wait for that first taste of sweet, sweet beer on Saturday night!!! *droooool*

Literally is the best beer of the year.

^god damn right.

Good luck everyone.

Remember, you can control your effort, you can’t control your result. You studied hard, put in your all, that’s all anyone can ask of you. So don’t worry about the result!

Good luck everyone!!!

For those who already gave up and consider themselves doomed to fail , be sure to still come sit in for both sessions of the exam :slight_smile: =D

Can’t wait to get this over with.

…and reopening them the very next minute

But for real, been fanstasizing about the post-exam beer for so long, I think I’m gonna cum on the first sip.