CLSA Academy. Any thoughts?

I was referred to their website 2 months ago and applied: A little back ground on the program: “CLSA Academy is a unique programme that brings exceptionally talented individuals from diverse professional backgrounds to CLSA to train them to be future leaders of our business. As an independent, innovative, and forward-thinking organization we believe the next generation of leaders is often found outside the financial services industry. Those who succeed in being accepted into the CLSA Academy are trained in all areas of our business: research, sales trading, investment banking and private equity.” Though I have experience–I received an email saying I passed to the 2nd round. Which was a test based on corporate financial statement analysis and ratios. I passed to the 3rd, which was a phone interview–I did well. I’m waiting to hear from them by next week. Apparrently about 2000 apps apply and only 15 people are taken. Next round is a face to face in either NYC or in Asia–They make the final cuts. Those that get a spot do rotations around the world for a period of 2 years working in PE and I banking, Sales and Trading. My hesitation is would that look attractive for PE or I banking companies here in the US, given that I have solid work experience in the US? Why do it? My experience is in asset management–I want to break into PE or I banking, but it’s tough and this might be a good chance to see how the our financial counterparts outside the US work? Any thoughts?

I’ve never heard of CLSA academy. Perhaps it’s known in Asia. Seems deeply suspect to me.

I too applied for the program, although i could not make the cut. CLSA is a highly reputed brokerage house in Asia. Also, their research is regarded as being very neutral (and hence good) as their IB division is relatively new. About the program, most of the applicants are from Asia which, given your non-asian work experience, would give you an edge. You should look at opportunity costs and your willingness to re-locate to Asia. In a way, its like taking a call on emerging markets. If, like me, you are an emerging market bull, this should be a no-brainer. The experience will definitely add color to your resume. Although I am not in the industry, as an Indian, I can tell you that PE is really booming here and is on a steep growth curve. Do keep posting about how it turns out. All the best!

I should know by the new week. I’ll post the result then. JoeyD–It is known in Asia. They do have one location in London and NYC, Given the 2yr experience, would be colorful on the resume, would it be recieved well back home in Boston is the question?

CLSA is the Asian brokerage/investment banking division of France’s credit agricole The firm is known in Asia. The “academy” is basicly what they call their analyst training program I think.

It sounds right, but I think it’s geared to advanced paid training (similar to analyst pay in the states with paid housing) in PM, PE, I Banking, Trading, etc. to become a business leader in finance. Now I was planning on starting my MBA in the states in the fall of 2008 Top 20 program. In addition to CFA. I am questioning if I should defer it another 2 years–hopefully, land a more experienced position (also assuming that the skills will be transferable) as Portfolio Manager, and begin my MBA (expecting to pass L2 & L3 by then) or pass it up, work as an analyst (as I am now) and begin my MBA in the fall. By two years—given each either scenario–which will be a give me the better future return, in terms of future income and more marketable resume? That’s the real dilemma. And I don’t anyone whom has gone through the CLSA?

Well, I was contacted and made it to the next round. The next step is to set up a video conference with a Hong Kong office and the final round is to be flown to Hong Kong for a 2 day assessment…

Any other thoughts?–Apparently you can work in PE I Banking or trading, after 3 months in Asia to offices out of London, New York or even Dubai…

so what did they ask you on your psychometric test?

I think you have to consider more than simply your career progression plan. I personally gain a lot of persoanal utility from travelling and living abroad. I currently live and work in Bermuda for an international asset manager. That is my thing but some people like to stay put and grow roots. I have met a few people out here who went through a program like the one you are describing but within the reinsurance industry. They had a blast and it definately adds colour to your CV. I think you can always get your MBA but an opportunity like this is a little more unique. On another note… with the US dollar at historic lows, it might give you an opportunity to earn your salary in another currency for a few years. Any money you send home will net you a bonus.

Absolutely PM. clos83-The testing was very similar to FSA practice case questions in Level 1