anyone heard of CLSA’s Academy or Development Squad program? has the Academy just undergone a simple name change? CLSA is a large brokerage out of Asia. France’s Credit Agricole is the parent entity. any insights would be much appreciated.

bump Sounds like a fun experience.

thanks for the link PhBoom. thing is that the academy link is broken but a flyer for something called the CLSA Development Squad is showing up across job search websites. the description is exactly the same as their Academy but the number of websites the flyer is on makes me a bit apprehensive about what’s happening. as a firm, i know they are legit and solid.

From what I know, CLSA is somewhat of a powerhouse in Asia. I applied for a position with Calyon 2 years ago and also came across the academy program. If you do get it, it would be a wild Asia tour for a couple of years. Good luck!