Anyone know where I can find a good CMBS/RBS model for Real Estate transactions. I need to see how they are structured so I can then build my own…thks

What kind of model do you want to build exactly and what do you want to do with it? (CMBS/RBS models aren’t really for real estate transactions; they are for understanding cash flows from securitized real estate loans).

I have started a new role where we effectively provide the finance for real estate transactions and have to then sell these on in the market (i Know the market is rubbih for this at the mo) either through a syndication or a securitization. I want to create a model that can effectively help me price the refinancing in order to pitch to our clients and provide a scenario for each transaction. The syndication side is easier to do, however, the markets guys at my firm are not that willing to share their models i.e I assume they are worried that I will take out their roles if I cover their duties etc