CMT Designation

Does anyone here hold this designation? Is it a worthwhile endeavour? If I can get this CFA done I was thinking it might be very complimentary.

CFP + CFA would be MORE complimentary I think. But CMT is a great course too, no question. Willy

CFP isn’t really too useful for me, I work on the institutional trading side of the business.

What would the CMT do for you, career-wise? I understand it would allow you to be a great technician, but will companies hire you because you are a better technical analyst than someone else? I guess it might be beneficial in a Prop Trading firm…

I interned for a guy who was a CFA charterholder and a CMT and he ran an investment advisory business that primarily focused on options trading. For the rare few individual investors out there who love options but haven’t quite mastered the intricacies of technical analysis, they pay good money for a personal options “guru” to give them buy/sell signals.