CNBC Commercials

Who is the jackass that decided the music on like the same 3 commercials should be at 11 when everthing else is at a 7. Seriously they drive me nuts. Dont get me started on kars for kids.

Commercials have always been louder than the actual program.

Donate your car today!

Yea but SOME commercials are much louder than the others. They tend to have some obnoxious song, typically car comapnies. Its the same like 3 commercials all day long, I hear the songs in my sleep

I don’t like that one commercial that has a bell at like 3:55PM, right before the actual closing bell. It always makes me panic. Other than that, I can’t remember many CNBC commercials, other than portable catheter, Cialis or something like that, and the one with the douchey Breitling guy.

Good to know all the money we’ve pumped into ads on CNBC is working.

cnbc hacksaw

You guys watch CNBC? lol

I learned that the guy fly fishing had a great week trading his Interactive Brokers account. As a matter of fact, he had such a great week that he is still chuckling to himself about his trades while fly fishing in Montana.

They should do a version where he’s getting busy with his wife and starts laughing to himself. She says “What’s so funny?” and he says “Oh, I just had a fantastic week trading my Interactive Brokers account.” The rest of the commercial proceeds as normal, except it’s all in missionary.

Yeah, they have a TV with it on in one of our conference rooms. Worst programming ever, but even worse commercials.

Which of these commercials most likely will end up on American Greed?

A) Phil Cannella Crash Proof Retirement (but that guy DID say he “stayed even” in the “crash”)

B) Tiber Creek “take your company public” (yikes)

C) Nagarian Brothers “LIMITED time offer” (same commercial as last year)

Lol all those commercials are great. The trade station one where the guy is in the phone is also a crowd pleaser. Yea my office has a tv on cnbc which means i get to hear/see santelli go all glenn beck crazy drawing on a white board and screaming

I know, but seriously, what am I killing myself in the CFA program for? I can be the kind of guy that watches EVERYTHING. I can pan back forth and have cockpit style trading. seriously, what am I doing…

Other than Kars4kids… the worst of them is that fucking powershares one with the bike rider and the incredibly loud symphony